Retron Probiotics recognizes R&D as the prime driver of innovation and leadership and strives to be amongst the top players in the world. We believe that research and development is one of the means by which business can experience future growth and new products or processes can be developed while remaining cost effective in order to serve global markets.

The development group works closely with a network of expert specialists from academia, research institutes, consulting firms and other industries.


  1. Evaluating various parameters of selected high efficiency probiotic strains for their use in intensive shrimp organic cultivation.


  1. First in the world to develop a specially formulated culture media suitable for commercially growing bacillus strains upto a strength of 190 Trillion Cfu/Gm.
  2. Neutralization and inhibition of ammonia formation in aqua ponds with synergistic combination of yeast &bacillus species in aqueous form.
  3. Quick removal of harmful green algae from aquaponds using probiotics and organic compounds.
  4. Production of multistrain suspension with photosynthetic non-sulfur bacteria by using unique reactors.
  5. Evaluating the efficiency of naturally reducing pH in aquatic ponds by multistrain probiotics and plant extracts.